About The Foundation

City Of Hope


To fulfill Tony's childhood dream to enrich his homeland. To capitalize on his success in baseball to create success among his people. To return God's blessings to those who offered him such a wonderful foundation and heritage.

Mission Statement:

To nurture and develop the whole person - mind, body and spirit - through education, training and personal care. We are reaching both young and old alike with resources of people, programs and facilities to improve the individual as well as the community and country at large.

Phase 1
Stadium - providing a venue for athletic pursuit.

Phase 2
Hotel and restaurant - with comfortable accommodations, scenic view and authentic Caribbean cuisine

Phase 3
Convention Center - a start of the art modern indoor facility accommodating social, civic and religious activities.

Phase 4
Gymnasium - a modern multi sport complex.

Phase 5
Elementary School - offering foundational education to under privileged children.

Phase 6
Orphanage - providing a warm and caring refuge for homeless or abandoned children.

Phase 7
Trade School and Shop - offering training and skills to improve each child’s ability to achieve a better life.

Phase 8
Teen Center with dorms - extending positive alternatives in today's youth.